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Reclaimed Wood Flooring

Give Your Home That American Rustic Feel With Our Reclaimed Wood Flooring

We at Country Road Associates believe that choosing to have reclaimed wood, as part of the interiors of your home, is probably one of the best real estate decisions you can make. Nevertheless, we are well aware that this option can be more tedious than say buying flooring in your local Home Depot. It takes more legwork and more decision-making.

However, we guarantee that the benefits of reclaimed wood outweigh the drawbacks by a far mile. Why, you ask? Below are just a few reasons why this item has become the more popular wood flooring and furniture option in the last few years:

It has history and character.

Older wood and timber used to be allowed to grow for a longer time. Because they got to develop longer, it has wider and more intricate rings. The patterns and knots created by these rings provide a more aesthetically pleasing appearance to the flooring or rustic furniture the reclaimed timber would be crafted into.

Moreover, this is usually sourced from centuries-old demolished buildings. We doubt that there is anything more impressive than saying your home’s antique beams and custom cabinets are made from wood from Abraham Lincoln’s old barnyard. If these pieces of timber could talk, we could just imagine the colorful narrative and stories they’d share!

Using reclaimed wood is environmentally friendly.

According to research, half of the world’s forests have already been harvested. Every year 10 billion trees are uprooted in order to provide materials for construction and manufacturing. At this rate, there would be no more viable forests by 2300. Using this item avoids the environmental pitfalls of using synthetic materials like vinyl and linoleum – all while saving a couple hundred trees from being harvested. In essence, it is recycled wood.

It gives your property a unique feature no one else can have.

More and more, consumers are moving away from things that are mass-produced. Gone are the days when cookie-cutter homes are preferred and are the norm. The more unique a property is the better, and it accomplishes exactly that. Because reclaimed wood, with its scratches and scuffs, has its own history, it makes any space more warm and interesting. Each piece of timber has a story and no two planks are the same. These stories, scratches and scuff simply cannot be manufactured.

It simply looks better.

Each piece of this wood is special. It is infinitely more durable than newer wood and it adds significant value to a property. Simply put, it is the more beautiful option.

Country Road Associates can provide this type of wood that would make your home one of a kind. We have options for any style and any budget. With over three decades of experience, we can help you pick out the hardwood floor of your dreams. Reach out to us today to learn more about the services and products we offer. For us, reclaimed wood is the first, and the only choice!

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