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Custom Wood Furniture

Have Country Road Associates Customize Your Furniture

There’s nothing more exhausting and frustrating than searching for that perfect furniture to accurately suit the size and design of your home, your office, your family-owned bar, or your newly opened café. Even browsing online sometimes holds little promise. It had to be this one incongruously shaped corner that could conveniently hold a cabinet. You may have already searched everywhere for something that is just the right size, color and style but without any luck.

This is where we come in. We suggest that you look no further and leave your problem to us. We invite you to a friendly sit-down meeting with our professional craftsmen and discuss the specific details of the desired furniture. We can customize anything, from tables and chairs, to armoires and wine racks. We have been building custom furniture for over 40 years already. Country Road Associates can guarantee that you will not be disappointed by the unfailing skill and expertise of our seasoned craftsmen.

Why Choose Custom Furniture for Residential or Commercial Purposes

Especially in commercial settings, custom built-ins save time, energy, money and space. In any business, time wasted is money wasted. You should not unnecessarily waste time looking for shelves or cabinets to perfectly fit your soon-to-open café. Finding just the right size, color, shape and design to match your café’s theme in time is almost close to impossible. The clock is ticking, and business days go by without profit, when you could have opened earlier if you simply customized. Your stress load will be dramatically minimized, your time and money saved, and every inch of business space maximized.

Custom woodwork adds a personal touch and friendly warmth to an otherwise stiff home, office or business establishment. You won’t believe how custom wood bars or custom kitchen cabinets can transform a place. They simply make any ordinary place more organized, pleasant to the eyes and homey.

Customizing is one great way to organize and remove clutter from homes and offices. Make the eye-sore disappear simply by having custom cabinets, bathroom vanities, closets or other custom built-ins installed. You will definitely save and maximize space while keeping all the clutter at bay.

If you choose to order custom-made woodwork from us, you are also somehow helping the environment. We offer the use of magnificently aged reclaimed wood for any furniture to be customized. We advocate the reuse of reclaimed wood flooring, reclaimed hand-hewn beams and reclaimed barn siding as a greener alternative to woodworking. Still, you have the option of choosing new material.

Customizing helps reflect or mirror the image you wish to portray in your home, office or business. In the business scene, a well-organized and coordinated theme is crucial in attracting more customers. Your bar or café will receive positive attention and exude good vibes simply with the aid of customized furniture matching a great interior design.

While custom-made furniture can be on the pricey side, it is all worth it in the long run as it can last for decades.

Interested? Contact us today to learn more about the different reclaimed wood products and services we offer. We can definitely help!