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Reclaimed Beams

Let the Age and Character of Our Reclaimed Hand-Hewn Beams Accentuate Your Style

Reclaimed Beams or Hand-Hewn Beams are mostly pine and hemlock. These beams are made from round logs that where “hewn” into roughly square beams used for framing old houses and barns. The age, character and history of reclaimed beams make them the perfect accent to your reclaimed flooring and furniture. Like our reclaimed custom furniture, hand-hewn beams can be used with various architectural styles and design elements, not solely for traditional country homes.

The reclaimed beams vary in size and our experts will work with you to find the perfect dimensions for your project. We can also create the perfect custom mantle for your fireplace from our individually selected hand-hewn beams.

What are hand hewn beams?

Hand-hewn beams are pieces of timber that have been conventionally squared by hand with a broad axe. These pieces of round tree trunks are converted into square beams commonly used as support beams for house structures.

Prior to the popularity of saw mills, builders would have to cut down trees, score the breadth of the tree with steadily dispersed notches. Using a broad axe, they would whack the chunk of wood between the notches. This technique is what allows hand-hewn beams to have their trademark unevenness. Antique beams are typically salvaged from reclaimed barn sidings and still possess their authentic hewing marks.

Today however, they are salvaged and are typically used as an architectural detail in modern construction and the renovation of houses. They are also quite a prominent decor for restaurants and commercial locations.

A Little History

In the history of migration, timber was hand hewn by the initial pilgrims who were secluded from the community and had no access to a neighboring mill. It was also sensible to use those felled trees as beams for their barns rather than acquiring them from the local mill. This was also much more cost-effective as they were making open spaces for the colony and demolishing trees.

This happened in most circumstance and these settlers disposed of whatever trees that were handy. The original process of wood production did make some interesting and surprising architectural finds as the structures were ultimately deconstructed for reclaimed. Nonetheless, those rural architectures that were constructed of these beams is an evidence of the colonist’s way of living together with the skills and hard work they put to withstand the life on the new found territory.

Country Road Associates

Country Road Associates has a wide inventory of hand-hewn beams in different sizes, lengths, and style. Their craftsmanship has been preserved and is available from heavy rustic adze marks to refined hand planed hewn beams.

Our Process

We have a lot of careful processes from the extraction of reclaimed beams, to making them house ready. We take care of all our reclaimed hand-hewn beams from cleaning to preparing them. We also take you through the process associated with providing top quality hand hewn beams for your home of office renovation.

The Craftsmanship

Because of their craftsmanship, we take honor in the preservation of these hand hewn beams. They are available from pine to hemlock and makes for a great architectural element in your home or businesses.

Our experts will work with you to find the excellent measurement and material that best fits your project. We can also create a superb custom mantle for your fireplace from your preferred hand hewn beams. Contact us today!