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Reclaimed Barn Siding

Opt for Beautifully Weathered Century-Old Reclaimed Barn Siding

Using reclaimed wood for the exterior and interior of the house or even for furniture has steadily been growing in popularity over the last few years. Not only is opting for reclaimed timber the more environmental friendly choice, but it also adds a certain flair to a home that simply cannot be manufactured.

Often it is sourced from old buildings that have been demolished. Reclaimed barn sidings come from 19th century farmhouses that have recently been torn down. The timber from old barns is chock full of history. A century of being exposed to wear and tear and the elements has given the wood plank a nuisance and unique appearance. Truly one-of-a-kind!

We have several reclaimed barn sidings options for you to choose from. The color of our planks range from cool silver/grays to warm reddish browns. Our reclaimed barn siding can be used for siding, furniture and any number of projects.

We have compiled a few of the most interesting projects you can do with our reclaimed barn siding.

Reclaimed Wood Siding

Antique wood siding is perfect for the exterior. It has already survived 100 years outside and is in great shape. The weathered look provides a rustic and homey feel. Moreover, the natural discoloration and scrapes makes it look like it has been there for years.

Accent Wall

Having an accent wall is all the rage nowadays. Instead of painting one of your walls a bright red, why not use planks of wood to cover the blank space. Reclaimed barn sidings as wall decor provides an instant conversation piece.


Headboards available in furniture stores are often uninspired. Often they look like an afterthought – completely generic and manufactured. Crafting your bed’s headboard from reclaimed bard siding is a simple way to make your room a little cozier.

Creative Room Divider

Ample space nowadays is hard to come-by. Most people live in studio apartments wherein all activities are done in a communal area. While this might prove productive for some, others need the separation in order to work and function. Reclaimed barn sidings is a great and relatively cheap room divider option.