Rustic Flooring

Rustic Flooring creates a country feel in your home with its color variations, knots and distressed characteristics. The color variations come from the inclusion of both sapwood and heartwood, which have widely varying colors and characteristics. The rustic flooring gets its natural character from the holes, knots and cracks that are not defected from the raw wood. This gives you a brand new floor with a historic rustic flooring feel that adds timeless beauty to your home.

Cherry Flooring Cherry has a natural cherry color that gives it a distinctive rich color and feel.  Cherry will darken over time and is also considered a hardwood.
Eastern White Pine Eastern White Pine has a very light vanilla, natural color with darker striations.  It also contains tight rustic knots that give it its classic country house feel and look.
Hickory has a similar look to Eastern White Pine with its light and dark color variations, but is much harder species much like Oak.
Walnut Flooring Walnut has light and dark variations as the flooring will contain both sap and heart wood. Walnut also has a tighter and straighter grain than your Eastern White Pine.
White Oak Flooring White Oak has a natural medium brown color and is the hardest of all the flooring.
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