Reclaimed Wood Flooring

Reclaimed flooring will bring an authentic early American and rustic feel to your home that harkens back to a time when we lived in harmony with the land and it in turn provided us with some of the most beautiful and durable building materials ever used. Reclaimed wood flooring has such naturally rich colors and patinas from decades of use and enjoyment that many customers choose not to stain their reclaimed flooring at all, but only to use clear polyurethane. We offer 19th century reclaimed flooring in rare chestnut, wide-board white pine, hemlock, white oak, heart pine, and cherry.

As you can see in the pictures shown, antique reclaimed wood flooring will provide your home or project with a character and richness that will last for many more decades to come.

Reclaimed Heart Pine HEART PINE: Is a degree beneath oak in density & hardness. Its yellow to slightly reddish colors are enhanced with grains that vary from open to tight.
Reclaimed White Pine WHITE PINE: Is a soft wood with a tight grain and a glowing amber color.
Reclaimed White Oak WHITE OAK: Has a natural golden hue that is handsomely distressed.
Reclaimed Chestnut CHESTNUT: Has a variety of natural distressing from age old worm holes to natural knots and its natural colors range from amber to luxurious browns that can’t be beat.
Reclaimed Hemlock HEMLOCK: This open grained softwood has a charming distressed look that’s created by small knots that are enriched by a variety of mellow amber tones.
Reclaimed Cherry CHERRY: Is the royalty of woods. For centuries it has been the wood of choice for fine furniture. Your Cherry wood floor will take on these same values.
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