Reclaimed Beams: Hand Hewn Beams

Hand Hewn Mantle BeamReclaimed Beams or Hand-Hewn Beams, are mostly pine and hemlock.  These beams are made from round logs that where “hewn” into roughly square beams used for framing old houses and barns. The age, character and history of reclaimed beams make them the perfect accent to your reclaimed flooring and furniture. Like our reclaimed custom furniture, hand-hewn beams can be used with various architectural styles and design elements, not solely for traditional country homes.

The reclaimed beams vary in size and our experts will work with you to find the perfect dimensions for your project. We can also create the perfect custom mantle for your fireplace from our individually selected hand hewn beams.

  Hand Hewn Mantle Beam.  No Finish, All Natural.
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