Here at Country Road Associates we offer two types of flooring. Our most popular is the reclaimed flooring made from the flooring and siding of 19th century and older barns. Reclaimed flooring is an environmentally friendly or green product that can contribute to LEED certification points. The barns that provide the material are old, unused and no longer useful, so rather than letting them deteriorate into nothing they are disassembled by hand and the wood is then graded, sorted and shipped to people like us. We then mill it into beautiful environmentally friendly flooring. Since the wood was very large old growth when originally cut down and has natural patina and tight grain, it has unparalleled durability, character and quality.

The other flooring product we offer is rustic grade flooring milled from new, but sustainable sources.  Our new flooring products continue our tradition of offering products that have a beautifully rustic character not normally found with most of today's wood products.  Although our new flooring does not have the natural patina from being out in the weather for more than a century, nor does it have as tight a grain as our reclaimed products, it still has the rustic imperfections that make a perfect compliment to your home's decor.

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